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LaLa Dishの写真

LaLa Dish


This is a pet dish that can be adjusted to eight different heights to accommodate various types of dogs, their growth, and health conditions. The lines indicating the adjustable heights are layered with a design that includes raised and indented parts, to avoid being too emphasized. In addition, the slow feeder, designed to encourage dogs to eat slowly, has four separate zones to keep them interested. Shoji Electric Corporation, which excels in resin molding, is making its first foray into the pet industry with this product. Although new to the industry, the company has designed the product with deep consideration for dogs and with genuine sincerity towards their needs. The main body of the product is environmentally conscious, using bioplastic made primarily of paper powder.

Client : 庄司電気株式会社

東京都中小企業振興公社 事業化実践道場

photographer: Ryoukan Abe

LaLa Dishの写真 LaLa Dishの写真 LaLa Dishの写真 LaLa Dishの写真 LaLa Dishの写真