Bloom Sketch




The "epocke" is a file where art pieces that can only be expressed during childhood can be carefully stored and displayed. The design includes meticulous attention to detail, such as the texture of the logo and the location for inserting a message. Watanabe Seihon Co., Ltd. is a company that has been developing bookbinding and notebooks in Tokyo for 75 years. As a new business venture, the mother and daughter worked on the development of "epocke" and continue to be dedicated and sustainable in their activities.

Client : 渡邉製本株式会社

東京都中小企業振興公社 事業化実践道場

photographer: Ryoukan Abe

epockeの写真 epockeの写真 epockeの写真 epockeの写真 epockeの写真 epockeの写真